Podcast Interview with ‘Emerging Purpose’

I had a fun interview with my colleague Greg Donaldson on his podcast ’emerging purpose’.

After the ‘how did you get into all this’ background story we meandered through a number of imagination related topics:

-my interest in reading fiction and how it relates to waking dreams

-the loss and recovery of imaginative life

-some thoughts on ‘psychosynthesis’ and working holistically

-adapting image-based ‘techniques’

-how ‘the unconscious’ is a story rooted in a mechanical metaphor

-the difference between ‘waking dreams’ from sleeping dreams and daydreams

-how i avoid interpretations and what i do instead

-animism and the decolonisation of imagination

-how a creative journey is a voyage into the unknown

Available wherever you get your podcasts!

Emerging Purpose Podcast Episode 5 – Allan Frater – Waking Dreams

https://on.soundcloud.com/VsBBWaJ68L9SShd6A… https://podcasts.apple.com/…/emerging…/id1507808111…https://open.spotify.com/episode/73U3zIhUCGUj0fAysVZ3xi…

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