Green Lady riding a Unicorn, with a Griffin in a winter landscape

Waking Dreams is a book on imagination with a difference. The vast majority of such books focus upon the content of what we imagine – offering interpretations to explain what images mean and/or image-based techniques to produce pre-planned effects.

What makes Waking Dreams different is an emphasis upon the rather neglected area of how to live a more imaginative life and the benefits of doing so. 

Instead of taking imagination for granted, the principles and skills of an image-based approach to psychotherapy and everyday life are clearly set out – with examples and exercises that address the place of imagining in the consulting room and beyond.

Taking new perspectives from transpersonal psychology, ecotherapy, complexity theory and fractal geometry, Waking Dreams presents an experiential and theoretical appreciation of imagining as a creative ability in its own right that takes us to the very heart of all healing and transformation. 

“This book strives to recover an amazing skill that not only wanes in adulthood, but has also become lost in practice.” (New Psychotherapist)

“As well as being a guide to image-based client work the author invites us to join him on a journey that could lead to a different way of thinking and being.” (Therapy Today) 

Below you can read the introduction and first chapter in a pop-up; watch a slideshow over-view video from the book-launch; and a number of edited extracts from the book can be found in the blog section of this website.  



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