Green Lady riding a Unicorn, with a Griffin in a winter landscape

‘Waking Dreams’ is a book on imagination with a difference. The vast majority of such books focus upon the content of what we imagine – offering interpretations to explain what images mean and/or special image-based techniques to effect desired outcomes or insights.

What makes ‘Waking Dreams’ different is an emphasis upon the rather neglected area of how to live a more imaginative life. Rather than taking imagination for granted the book presents the principles and practices of an image-based approach to not just psychotherapy but also everyday life, work and play – with examples and exercises that address the place of imagining in the consulting room and beyond.

The result is an experiential and theoretical appreciation of imagining, not just as a means to rational insight but as a creative ability in its own right that takes us to the very heart of all healing and transformation. 

A number of edited extracts from the book can be found in the blog section of this website and the back-page blurb, chapter list, introduction and first chapter can be read in the below pop-up:


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