Date(s) - Sat 7 Oct 2017 - Sun 8 Oct 2017
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Psychosynthesis Trust

“The modern vision of ourselves and the world has stultified our imaginations. What is needed is a revisioning, a fundamental shift of perspective out of the soulless predicament we call modern consciousness.” James Hillman

To dream is to be surrounded by a three-dimensional space that is, to the dreamer, an absolutely real world. To an indigenous person, there is no distinction between metaphorical and literal meaning, all images are real, as they are in dreams.

The modern vision has ‘stultified our imagination’(Hillman). Images have become tamed, caged within subjectivity and exploited, placed apart from the physical world and the everyday activity of imagination in our lives.

To rewild is commonly the restoration of a habitat to a former wild state, through the reintroduction of lost species. The seminar will extend this meaning to include a rewilding of imagination, exploring parallels between the environmental degradation of the planet and the impoverishment of the imaginal realm.

We will use the dream as a paradigm for image work and draw upon indigenous cosmologies to make forays into the wild ecology of perception, returning images to what Goethe called the ‘sensory imagination’.

The approach draws upon the work of David Abram, Robert Bosnak, Mary Watkins and James Hillman.

The seminar will support you to:

  • Attend to your own and your client’s dreams
  • Listen to the call of images in client narratives
  • Enter into a wilder relationship / rapport with images
  • Learn new ways of imagining imagination
  • Expand your perceptual and sensory skills
  • Embody imagination in everyday life
  • Awaken to the beauty and wonder of indigenous cosmologies
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