Date(s) - Sat 5 Mar 2022
All Day

Compass Counselling

(n.b. this is a provisional title that may change!)

A talk and discussion with compass counselling, Lymington, UK.

If we get past the narrow, limited assumptions of imagination as some kind of inner-world of ‘pictures inside the mind’, then a broader understanding and potential open up to us, one in which imagination is woven into everyday perceptions, actions and relationships.

The talk will set out this broadly conceived imagining as a context for an image-centric approach to psychotherapy, one in which the raw material of memories, present moment perceptions and actions, as well as future fantasies are considered as images and worked with on the level of images – rather than interpreting them into feelings or ideas. In this way, we will build up an appreciation of therapy as a ‘time between stories’, one which provides the necessary care and attention to go risk going beyond old, habitual stories to embrace a new way of being and acting in the world.



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