Modern Alienation and Ancestral Sanity

I recall an encounter with a sheep, the end of my meditation career and take an evolutionary psychology perspective to discuss why spending time in nature is such a healing antidote to the alienating effects of rapid cultural change. Part 1. the touch of the world The...

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Embodied and Embedded: Interview

The following is an interview I did with the Psychosynthesis Trust late summer 2018, about a series of three talks and a day workshop that i curated on the theme of 'Embodied and Embedded'.  The interview touches on the 'wild imagination' approach i took in the talk,...

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A fairy tale of forgotten stories

Once upon a time all stories were local and spoken stories. And then one day a great transformation spread out across the kingdom. The spoken stories were written down. And this changed the stories and it changed the people too. Stitched into books, the stories...

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The Little Bird

My first steps towards wild imagination were literally that: a walk taken across dirt and scrub to sooth an addled mind. It was also the beginnings of a way back to my earlier life as a dog walker. I walked in long straight lines. A favourite was between Hyde Park...

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The Bird Feeder

Birds feasted on a litter of breads around the pond. Canadian geese, mallard ducks, song thrushes, magpies and contented, cooing pigeons. Too many birds and too many species together in one place, as though I had walked onto the set of a Hitchcock movie. A crow stood...

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I got off the bus and walked back along the pavement. It was late afternoon towards the end of January. Seven Sisters Road was a line of idling traffic heading out of the city, a tunnel of headlamps. I turned through a side-gate in the fence and stepped into Finsbury...

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